Jenuine's World

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I allowed myself to get lost inside you. Now I must set myself free. This person I've become is no longer me.

Empty heart beating in my chest. I am the one to blame. I am now living a life full of loneliness and shame.

A saddened woman who walks alone. A path to a dead street. I need the strength to fight my feeling of defeat.

Each day passes and I continue forward. In due time I will grow. With the each new mornings dawn soon I will glow.

Right now I may be consumed by pain. This pain soon will wash away. These words are all I have left to say.

Love me for who I am. If not then let me go. Do not waste my precious time hurting me blow by blow.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Your passion always fueled my fire.
You love it is my deepest desire.

I won't fight fate on how I feel.
These emotions in my soul they are for real.

Lust and envy run through my veins.
My eternal love still remains.

Head held high as I push on through.
No one knows my beating heart is turning blue.

I grasp on to nothing still holding on to hope.
I await the day you throw back that rope.