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Monday, October 12, 2009

I realize now...

It took me forever to accept who I am as a person, but for once I can actually say I am proud to be me. I am comfortable in my own skin and no matter what comes my way my dignity will never be stripped.

As a child I was insecure with being tall and would never walk tall and proud. Unfortunately I continued to feel that way until someone opened my eyes to the real me. I thank you to infinity and back for that. :) I have so much to be proud of and there is no turning back to those insecure ways. I am far from perfect, but I can finally accept those flaws since those flaws are what makes me, me.

I have the most amazing friends who I call my family and the most lovable son who helps me see each day the real meaning of this life. I don't think I am lucky, but I sure am blessed.

"A friend is the inspiration in you when you have lost all hope, and they bring out a world inside of you that you never knew you had."

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  1. beautiful you just need to really believe yourself beacause you are totally right:)